Christmas Gifts for the World of Warcraft Fan

With Christmas sitting right around the corner in this holiday season, Blizzard’s managed to give us all the chance to get a special gift for that World of Warcraft fan we all know (with over ten million you’re probably living or working with one). Don’t worry, there won’t be any bedspreads or socks showing up in their stockings; a few innovations from World of Warcraft developer Blizzard and you can toss them some pretty unique gifts this season.
In-game pets Most of us have seen the ludicrous prices some vanity items can fetch on eBay from World of Warcraft, such as mounts or pets. Apparently, Blizzard has finally caught on to this and not too long ago opened up a particular section of the Blizzard Store that sells vanity pets. While we can expect this section to grow exponentially a Lil’ KT (Kel’Thuzad) and a Pandaren Monk are the only two pets that are available. The pets cost $10 each and are not bound, which means you can access the code then give it to whoever you want, including a World of Warcraft player you know. They aren’t cheap pet models, either, they’re nicely detailed and the Pandaren Monk gives player an appearance from a race they’ve been asking for, for years.

Clothing There was a time where people didn’t like to admit they played World of Warcraft, but with a competitive scene and such a large membership, that problem is long gone. Though the Blizzard stone may have just a few items of clothing, one trip to Jinx is an entirely different story. has a vast selection of shirts, some which are novelty (a green linen shirt that has its own tooltip). The selection of World of Warcraft clothing also extends to baby clothing and sweatshirts.

Talking Murloc Plush Toy Another item courtesy of Jinx, but much different from anything else you’ll be able to pull from their site. The most irritating creature in the history of World of Warcraft can be yours, perhaps to irritate some other people. The plush toy makes the iconic garbled cry that all players have come to know. Standing almost ten inches tall the plush is a serious reminder of the first time anyone ran into a group of murlocs and got zerged from the knees up.

TCG The trading card game serves a dual purpose when used as a gift. Many people who actually play the game play the trading card game as well, so helping to boost their collection is never a bad thing. The second purpose is that the loot cards, as mentioned before, are some of the most valued items someone can get their hands on in World of Warcraft. Where vanity is king, it’s definitely fun to have a chance at something barely anyone else is going to have in-game.