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OSRS Piscarilius Favor Guide


Piscarilius is one of the five cities in the Kingdom of Great Kourend, which is led by Lady Shauna Piscarilius. The city is basically a port area where Fishermen reside, and they play a vital role in the Fishing Industry because that’s the city’s primary source of income. Players can gain favor here by doing various tasks, and these favors hold many benefits. To know more in detail, continue reading through the guide.

Methods To Gain Piscarilius Favor

It’s obvious that you cannot gain any favor without participating in various activities across the city. These activities include, fish crane repairing, transporting/delivering fishes, completing quests, hunting for grubs, and stealing artefacts. However, before you start, you need to make sure that you’ve completed the quest Client of Kourend. So, let’s being with the guide.

Repairing Fishing Cranes

In Piscarilius’ port, you’ll notice that there are five fishing cranes; three around the mess hall and two nearby Leenz’s General Store. These cranes often break down, and you’re tasked to repair them for osrs Piscarilius favor. You will need a crafting level of 30 to repair the cranes, along with a hammer, planks x3, and nails. For each crane that you successfully repair, you will gain 0.5% favor. Continue to do in until you reach 20% favor, which will require a total of 120 normal planks and 1,000 steel nails. Using higher-tier nails will lessen in amount, for instance, you’ll only need 600 Mithril nails to reach 20%. Similarly, if you have a high construction level (99), you’ll only need 15 Bronze nails.

Collecting & Delivering Fishes

Once you’ve hit 15% Piscarilius favor, the next step in this osrs piscarilius favor guide is to shift to delivering fresh fish to the cooling chests within shops across the city. After a minute or so, the fish degrades, so you have to make sure that it doesn’t happen. You can grab the fish from the three barrels that are located west of Frankie. You’ll be allowed to pick fishes before they get degraded, and for every successful delivery, you’ll gain 0.4% Piscarilius favor, along with some Fishing experience.

The Quest

Once you’re at 20% Piscarilius favor, you can dive straight into completing the quest ‘The Queen of Thieves’. There are only two requirements for the quest; 20 Thieving and completion of the quest ‘Client of Kourend’. After the quest is completed, you will be granted with 10% Piscarilius favor.

Sandworm Hunting

Compared to the other methods, this is the fastest one that can be used once you’re at 30% Piscarilius favor. You’ll need level 15 in hunter, and in order to hunt these worms, you’ll need a few supplies that can be bought from Tynan’s Fishing Supplies (5 Buckets & a Spade). Every sandworm will grant you 0.48% Piscarilius favor, and it’s that you bring coins along with you while doing this activity, because you’ll have to buy more buckets.

Stealing Artefacts

At 75% Piscarilius favor, you can move ahead with the method of stealing artefacts. However, you’ll need 49 Thieving for it. Nearby the bank, you’ll find an NPC named Captain Khaled, who will give you this assignment. You’ll need a lockpick to open the drawers and avoid being detected by the patrolling guards. Upon successfully stealing artefacts from the houses, you will be granted 2% Piscarilius favor, 200 OSRS Gold Coins, and experience of 750 in Thieving. If you manage to get the artefacts to Captain Khaled, you’ll get additional Thieving experience.


At 20% Piscarilius favor, you will gain access to Kenelme’s Wares, which is a food shop in the city. At 30% Piscarilius favor, you’ll have a stock of fishes available that can be bought from Frankie’s Fishing Emporium (the stock will be zero if you haven’t got 30% favor). At 75% Piscarilius favor, you can gain a good amount of Thieving experience by stealing artefacts for Captain Khaled. Finally, at 100% osrs Piscarilius favor, you’ll gain the ability to catch anglerfish with the help of sandworms and a fishing rod (requirement is level 82 Fishing).

How To Make a Great Strength Pure on Runecape

Making a new account: First you will need a new account (click here to go to runescape website). Note: when choosing a name you might want to choose something that looks cool, or use leet speak : 3 for E, 4 for A, 0(zero) for O, for example: 5tr pur3 0wn3d instead of str pure owned. once you have chosen your username, password ect. you then must do the tutorial on how to play runescape. This will only take a few minutes.
Making some money: You will need some money when you first start, to buy weapons, food, and other things. I found killing cows and picking up the hides and selling them was a good way at first to make cash.

Before training or killing anything (IMPORTANT): Before you go off training, you must take note that before you raise any skill, you must think what it will do to your pure, be especially carefull with defence and prayer. since your a melee pure you will want attack, to wield better weapons and take damage more often, and strength for higher hits. I would not get defence at all, it just raises your combat level and one of the main points of being pure is having a low combat level. Prayer is optional, some pures like no prayer to avoid having the extra combat levels, some pures like it to get higher hits when praying. Personally I would go with 13 or 31 prayer, 13 is great because 13 prayer levels hardly raises your combat level and you can use superhuman strength which will raise your strength by 10% when prayed. level 31 prayer is also good because you can use protect item (level 25), so you will keep one more item then usual when it is turned on, so 4 items, or 1 if you are skulled, And Ultimate strength, which will increase your strength by 15% then turned on. So, think about it first, then go ahead.

What to wield: While training just use full iron, an amulet of strength, leather gloves and boots and a normal cape for best offence and defence bonus. Plus the scimitar that you are using.

First steps in training: First you should go to the scimitar shop in Al karid and buy every scimitar from iron to mithril. Get out your iron scimitar. You should first get 5 attack. Just kill the cows in the lumbridge field for this, then get you’re steel scimitar and get you’re strength to 15, also on cows, (a good thing about training on cows is that you can get their hides and sell them in the Grand Exchange for around 100gp each) when you have 15 strength, move onto monks.

You’re geting there!: Go to the monastery just west of Edgeville. The thing about monks is that they heal themselves, and hardly hit much damage at all, 2 at the most. Train your strength to 20 then your attack to 10, then get a black scimitar(you will need to go to the grand exchange for this as not many players sell them). Now get your strength to 30. Then get 20 attack and a mithril scimitar. Note: you will not need food here, the monks will heal you if you talk to them and ask them to.

Minotaurs!: Now that you have 20 attack and 30 strength, I suggest you move onto the minoaturs in the Stronghold of security under the barbarian village. You will need food, I suggest salmon as they heal 9 hp, and arn’t too expencive. Go to the first level in the stronghold of security and you will find verious rooms filled with these minotaurs. They are level 12 with 10 hitpoints. Get 40 strength, then 30 attack, and a adamant scimitar, then 45 strength and 40 attack, and a rune scimitar. Note: minotaurs drop lots of iron arrows, so you may make some cash from that.

45-99 strength: Move to the flesh crawlers at the second level of the stronghold of player safety. To get to a good room of them go through the north doors at the entrance of the second level, then past some flesh crawlers, past a room of zombies, through another set of doors, then around a bend and through another set of doors and you will find yourself in a room of level 35 flesh crawlers. They have 25 hp, and only hit 1’s and 2’s. You will also need food here as they do hit quite a few 1’s and 2’s on level 1 defence, I suggest anything from salmon to swordfish.