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Diablo 2 Resurrected Rune Farming


Rune farming has become an efficient sport for the players of Diablo 2 Resurrected. Yes, it consumes time, with nothing to boost the chances of finding and obtaining elusive runes.


The best way throughout the game to farm runes is through item drops. You can kill several monsters within the game while using the /players X command to simulate more players if you’re going solo.

Rune Farming is simplified by the fact that MF (Magic Finds) is of no benefit. A player farming rune dispenses with Magic Find equipment; however, it’s not significantly recommended, as Magic Find improves the odds of obtaining Unique & Set items that can be traded or are useful. In simpler words, forget about Magic Finds.

Rune Farming is best performed on the highest-level monster that you can efficiently kill. When we talk in terms of Magic Findings, there should be a balance between the monster level and the killing speed. It’s not a wise expenditure of time to struggle to kill a high-level monster solely because they have a 0.000001% chance of dropping a Cham.

A good suggestion would approach the monsters that your character can quickly kill. Simply to increase the total number of item drops, levels with several monsters is the best choice. Areas like The Flayer Jungle, Secret Cow Level, or Act 2 Surface Areas are quite popular killing zones in the game that offer a high density of weak monsters.

Special Monsters

The only monster with a substantially high percentage chance to drop runes is The Countess, who can be found on the fifth level of the Forgotten Tower, which is located in the Black Marsh (Act One). She doesn’t drop high-level runes; anything above 24-25, so don’t expect that.

While some monsters have small loot tables, they also have a high probability of dropping runes, and these mobs include Finger Mages, Willowisps, Swarms, Wraiths, and Vulture Demons. Also, they don’t have great numbers so it’s going to be hard to obtain runes from them.

Rune Quests

There are a total of three quests that grant runes as part of their completion reward.

The Forgotten Tower

The mentioned quest doesn’t have any runes to offer as part of its completion reward, and only a bunch of gold coins and minor items from a Magical Chest. However, once the quest mob is defeated, she will start to drop lower-tier runes every time. The runes that she drops vary according to the difficulty level. For instance, Normal Difficulty: El (r01) – Ral (r08), Nightmare Difficulty: El (r01) – Io/Ko (r18); above Io (r16) is rare, and Hell Difficulty: El (r01) – Ist/Lo (r28); above Ist (r26) is rare.
A player is offered an increased chance of higher-tier runes in Nightmare and Hell difficulty mode once the quest is completed. Also, the boss is capable of dropping up to six runes per kill, and two or three runes are often dropped. These runes are likely to be higher than Eth or Tir, but the reports of two Hels, along with a couple of other mid-tier runes are common, so there’s a possibility.

The Hellforge

In Act Four of Hellforge, when a character shatters Mephisto’s Soulstone, four gems and one rune is dropped as part of the quest completion reward. The runes found in this quest also vary depending upon the difficulty level; however, the dropped rune is selected randomly from the following possibilities – Normal Difficulty: El (r01) – Amn (r11), Nightmare Difficulty: Sol (r12) – Um (r22), Hell Difficulty: Hel (r15) – Gul (r25).

Unlike the runes obtained from The Countess or any other monster in this diablo 2 resurrected rune farming guide, in fact, the lower-tier runes are not common. The odds of receiving Hel or Gul are similar to the Hell difficulty mode, which is 1/11 per kill.

It’s worth noting that shouldn’t finish the quest along with other players on your part if haven’t already completed the quest in this diablo 2 resurrected rune farming guide. There are four gem drops for every character that completes the best but only one rune is dropped no matter the number of players in the party.

Rescue on Mount Arreat

Also known as the second quest in Act Five that can be easily completed by players, and upon completion, you will receive Tal (r07), Ort (r09), and Ral (r08) runes in the form of a reward.


Chest are basically objects that can an item within them, and it can be anything from barrels to chests, crates, loot-able corpses, hidden stashes, etc. Each of these items differs in quality and drop rates.
Performing chest runs in areas with a lot of chests is quite an efficient method to find high-quality items, and by that, I mean runes. While chests are potentially useful, the super chests are at an extreme level. You’ll come across one or two super chests near the campfires in Lower Kurast (Act 3).

Sparkly Chests

There are several super chests in the game that can drop multiple unique items at once. Most of the super chests are sparkly in texture, and similarly, not every sparkling chest is a super chest. For instance, some of the sparkly chests are quest related that contain quest items. These include The Spider Cavern Chest, Kurast Level 2 Chest, Maggot Lair Chest, and Ruined Temple Chest that aren’t actually considered sparkly chests even though they resemble them.

There are a total of 24 sparkly chests in the game within each difficult mode, or in other words 72 on the path to Hell difficulty. Five chests with identical characteristics are located in the False Tal Rasha’s Tombs, two sparkly chests at the Great Marsh, and 17 other chests that are individualistic in their drop odds since they are encountered as you climb difficulty modes.

Chest Drops in Level 85 Regions

Crypt, Pit Levels 1 & 2: TC66, Maggot Lair LVL 3, Ancient Tunnels: TC69, The Temples in Kurast, Kurast Sewers LVL 2: TC 75, River of Flame, Chaos Sanctuary: TC 78, and WSK: TC87.

More Players Means More Runes

If the number of players in the game increases, so does the number of items obtained from chests, as they decrease the odds of selecting the ‘No Drop’ option. Let’s have a look in this diablo 2 rune farming guide at the chances of non-locked chests to drop nothing, depending upon the total number of players (no party) – 43.4% for 1 or 2 players, 29.5% for 3 or 4 players, 26.0% for 5 or 6 players, and 25.2% for 7 or 8 players.

The Quality of Rune Increases with Level

The level at which the chests are dropped is determined by the region where they’re found. The level of the runes that can be found and obtained from chests increases steadily through the gameplay.

Act 1 Normal: No Runes from Chests, Act 2 Normal: El/Eld/Tir/Nef (r01-r04), Act 3 Normal: Eth/Ith/Tal/Ral (r05-r08), Act 4 Normal: Ort/Thul/Amn/Sol (r09-r12), Act 5 Normal: Shael/Dol (r13-r14), Act 1 Nightmare: Hel/Io (r15-r16), Act 2 Nightmare: Lum/Ko (r17-r18), Act 3 Nightmare: Fal/Lem (r19-r20), Act 4 Nightmare: Pul/Um (r21-r22), Act 5 Nightmare: Mal/Ist (r23-r24), Act 1 Hell: Gul/Vex (r25-r26), Act 2 Hell: Ohm/Lo (r27-r28), Act 3 Hell: Sur/Ber (r29-r30), Act 4 Hell: Jah/Cham (r31-r32), and Act 5 Hell: Zod (r33).


With the game updates that occurred since the patch v1.10 in this diablo 2 rune farming guide, you can now upgrade every level of your runes, which means that you can collect and build them toward their potential level required by the biggest Runewords.

OSRS Piscarilius Favor Guide


Piscarilius is one of the five cities in the Kingdom of Great Kourend, which is led by Lady Shauna Piscarilius. The city is basically a port area where Fishermen reside, and they play a vital role in the Fishing Industry because that’s the city’s primary source of income. Players can gain favor here by doing various tasks, and these favors hold many benefits. To know more in detail, continue reading through the guide.

Methods To Gain Piscarilius Favor

It’s obvious that you cannot gain any favor without participating in various activities across the city. These activities include, fish crane repairing, transporting/delivering fishes, completing quests, hunting for grubs, and stealing artefacts. However, before you start, you need to make sure that you’ve completed the quest Client of Kourend. So, let’s being with the guide.

Repairing Fishing Cranes

In Piscarilius’ port, you’ll notice that there are five fishing cranes; three around the mess hall and two nearby Leenz’s General Store. These cranes often break down, and you’re tasked to repair them for osrs Piscarilius favor. You will need a crafting level of 30 to repair the cranes, along with a hammer, planks x3, and nails. For each crane that you successfully repair, you will gain 0.5% favor. Continue to do in until you reach 20% favor, which will require a total of 120 normal planks and 1,000 steel nails. Using higher-tier nails will lessen in amount, for instance, you’ll only need 600 Mithril nails to reach 20%. Similarly, if you have a high construction level (99), you’ll only need 15 Bronze nails.

Collecting & Delivering Fishes

Once you’ve hit 15% Piscarilius favor, the next step in this osrs piscarilius favor guide is to shift to delivering fresh fish to the cooling chests within shops across the city. After a minute or so, the fish degrades, so you have to make sure that it doesn’t happen. You can grab the fish from the three barrels that are located west of Frankie. You’ll be allowed to pick fishes before they get degraded, and for every successful delivery, you’ll gain 0.4% Piscarilius favor, along with some Fishing experience.

The Quest

Once you’re at 20% Piscarilius favor, you can dive straight into completing the quest ‘The Queen of Thieves’. There are only two requirements for the quest; 20 Thieving and completion of the quest ‘Client of Kourend’. After the quest is completed, you will be granted with 10% Piscarilius favor.

Sandworm Hunting

Compared to the other methods, this is the fastest one that can be used once you’re at 30% Piscarilius favor. You’ll need level 15 in hunter, and in order to hunt these worms, you’ll need a few supplies that can be bought from Tynan’s Fishing Supplies (5 Buckets & a Spade). Every sandworm will grant you 0.48% Piscarilius favor, and it’s that you bring coins along with you while doing this activity, because you’ll have to buy more buckets.

Stealing Artefacts

At 75% Piscarilius favor, you can move ahead with the method of stealing artefacts. However, you’ll need 49 Thieving for it. Nearby the bank, you’ll find an NPC named Captain Khaled, who will give you this assignment. You’ll need a lockpick to open the drawers and avoid being detected by the patrolling guards. Upon successfully stealing artefacts from the houses, you will be granted 2% Piscarilius favor, 200 OSRS Gold Coins, and experience of 750 in Thieving. If you manage to get the artefacts to Captain Khaled, you’ll get additional Thieving experience.


At 20% Piscarilius favor, you will gain access to Kenelme’s Wares, which is a food shop in the city. At 30% Piscarilius favor, you’ll have a stock of fishes available that can be bought from Frankie’s Fishing Emporium (the stock will be zero if you haven’t got 30% favor). At 75% Piscarilius favor, you can gain a good amount of Thieving experience by stealing artefacts for Captain Khaled. Finally, at 100% osrs Piscarilius favor, you’ll gain the ability to catch anglerfish with the help of sandworms and a fishing rod (requirement is level 82 Fishing).

Christmas Gifts for the World of Warcraft Fan

With Christmas sitting right around the corner in this holiday season, Blizzard’s managed to give us all the chance to get a special gift for that World of Warcraft fan we all know (with over ten million you’re probably living or working with one). Don’t worry, there won’t be any bedspreads or socks showing up in their stockings; a few innovations from World of Warcraft developer Blizzard and you can toss them some pretty unique gifts this season.
In-game pets Most of us have seen the ludicrous prices some vanity items can fetch on eBay from World of Warcraft, such as mounts or pets. Apparently, Blizzard has finally caught on to this and not too long ago opened up a particular section of the Blizzard Store that sells vanity pets. While we can expect this section to grow exponentially a Lil’ KT (Kel’Thuzad) and a Pandaren Monk are the only two pets that are available. The pets cost $10 each and are not bound, which means you can access the code then give it to whoever you want, including a World of Warcraft player you know. They aren’t cheap pet models, either, they’re nicely detailed and the Pandaren Monk gives player an appearance from a race they’ve been asking for, for years.

Clothing There was a time where people didn’t like to admit they played World of Warcraft, but with a competitive scene and such a large membership, that problem is long gone. Though the Blizzard stone may have just a few items of clothing, one trip to Jinx is an entirely different story. has a vast selection of shirts, some which are novelty (a green linen shirt that has its own tooltip). The selection of World of Warcraft clothing also extends to baby clothing and sweatshirts.

Talking Murloc Plush Toy Another item courtesy of Jinx, but much different from anything else you’ll be able to pull from their site. The most irritating creature in the history of World of Warcraft can be yours, perhaps to irritate some other people. The plush toy makes the iconic garbled cry that all players have come to know. Standing almost ten inches tall the plush is a serious reminder of the first time anyone ran into a group of murlocs and got zerged from the knees up.

TCG The trading card game serves a dual purpose when used as a gift. Many people who actually play the game play the trading card game as well, so helping to boost their collection is never a bad thing. The second purpose is that the loot cards, as mentioned before, are some of the most valued items someone can get their hands on in World of Warcraft. Where vanity is king, it’s definitely fun to have a chance at something barely anyone else is going to have in-game.

How To Make a Great Strength Pure on Runecape

Making a new account: First you will need a new account (click here to go to runescape website). Note: when choosing a name you might want to choose something that looks cool, or use leet speak : 3 for E, 4 for A, 0(zero) for O, for example: 5tr pur3 0wn3d instead of str pure owned. once you have chosen your username, password ect. you then must do the tutorial on how to play runescape. This will only take a few minutes.
Making some money: You will need some money when you first start, to buy weapons, food, and other things. I found killing cows and picking up the hides and selling them was a good way at first to make cash.

Before training or killing anything (IMPORTANT): Before you go off training, you must take note that before you raise any skill, you must think what it will do to your pure, be especially carefull with defence and prayer. since your a melee pure you will want attack, to wield better weapons and take damage more often, and strength for higher hits. I would not get defence at all, it just raises your combat level and one of the main points of being pure is having a low combat level. Prayer is optional, some pures like no prayer to avoid having the extra combat levels, some pures like it to get higher hits when praying. Personally I would go with 13 or 31 prayer, 13 is great because 13 prayer levels hardly raises your combat level and you can use superhuman strength which will raise your strength by 10% when prayed. level 31 prayer is also good because you can use protect item (level 25), so you will keep one more item then usual when it is turned on, so 4 items, or 1 if you are skulled, And Ultimate strength, which will increase your strength by 15% then turned on. So, think about it first, then go ahead.

What to wield: While training just use full iron, an amulet of strength, leather gloves and boots and a normal cape for best offence and defence bonus. Plus the scimitar that you are using.

First steps in training: First you should go to the scimitar shop in Al karid and buy every scimitar from iron to mithril. Get out your iron scimitar. You should first get 5 attack. Just kill the cows in the lumbridge field for this, then get you’re steel scimitar and get you’re strength to 15, also on cows, (a good thing about training on cows is that you can get their hides and sell them in the Grand Exchange for around 100gp each) when you have 15 strength, move onto monks.

You’re geting there!: Go to the monastery just west of Edgeville. The thing about monks is that they heal themselves, and hardly hit much damage at all, 2 at the most. Train your strength to 20 then your attack to 10, then get a black scimitar(you will need to go to the grand exchange for this as not many players sell them). Now get your strength to 30. Then get 20 attack and a mithril scimitar. Note: you will not need food here, the monks will heal you if you talk to them and ask them to.

Minotaurs!: Now that you have 20 attack and 30 strength, I suggest you move onto the minoaturs in the Stronghold of security under the barbarian village. You will need food, I suggest salmon as they heal 9 hp, and arn’t too expencive. Go to the first level in the stronghold of security and you will find verious rooms filled with these minotaurs. They are level 12 with 10 hitpoints. Get 40 strength, then 30 attack, and a adamant scimitar, then 45 strength and 40 attack, and a rune scimitar. Note: minotaurs drop lots of iron arrows, so you may make some cash from that.

45-99 strength: Move to the flesh crawlers at the second level of the stronghold of player safety. To get to a good room of them go through the north doors at the entrance of the second level, then past some flesh crawlers, past a room of zombies, through another set of doors, then around a bend and through another set of doors and you will find yourself in a room of level 35 flesh crawlers. They have 25 hp, and only hit 1’s and 2’s. You will also need food here as they do hit quite a few 1’s and 2’s on level 1 defence, I suggest anything from salmon to swordfish.


World of Warcraft – Overall Review of WoW and Its Expansions

When ever I hear the words, World of Warcraft, I have mixed feelings. I have been playing this game for 3 years now and I am still currently playing the newest expansion, World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King. I love the game, and I love how it draws you into the on line world. But, it does get a little hectic trying to balance the real world, and the in-game world. This is a overall review of the game and all its attributes, starting with the original game, and its recent expansions.
Three years ago my friend introduced me to the game. I got caught up in the draw of the game Blizzard intended to reach. The first original game was I think the best out of the three. It was almost indescribable experiences, with all the raiding, PvP, and the original content that was o so fun to take head on. Molten Core, BWL, and Ony. These 3 were the heart and soul of WoW when it first came out. This was when the game was just getting started, and we couldn’t wait till the game progressed. Hmm… didn’t seem to go all that well. On a scale of 1-10, Original World of Warcraft gets a 9.

The release of The Burning Crusade was a great night. As I stood out side of Gamestop waiting for it, I couldn’t wait to go home and start leveling! Outlands, it brought joy to everyone who heard of it. The game now finally took that step forward to becoming one of the created games of all time. This was when memories of the original game started to fade away. All the great memories gone. But there were many more memories to gain, as PvP took a whole new turn. Arenas. They can go both ways. Some people hate them, some people love them, and some people just played them to get free PvP gear (until Blizzard added rating requirements). Raids also took a turn, as they went from 40 man down to 25 man. This increased the chances of getting gear a lot higher. The game started out great, but then as months go by, even a year or so, the game started getting very repetitive. It was almost like Blizzard was using BC as a “place-holder” until the next expansion. We could only hope. On a scale of 1-10, World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade gets a 7.

Arthas. As BC was wrapping up, this name was everywhere. The release of World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King was a big one. This game released as the game hovered around 11,000,000 members. Talk about bringing in the money, whew. There are no words to describe the ambiance of this game. The leap from BC to LK is unheard of. The environment in Northrend is incredible. My personal favorite is the zone Icecrown. Since it has only been out for a month or so, I don’t have to much to talk about it, but I can tell you this, it won’t be like BC. On a scale of 1-10, as of 12/19/2008, World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King gets a 10.

Overall, the entire game, I would give it a 9.5 out of 10. Due to the fact that it does get a bit repetitive, and that it somewhat takes over your life, but is such a great game. This is the first article I have written for AC, and I hope who ever reads it has some input. I plan on basing my posts on WoW, and computer related topics, and I hope you enjoyed it so far. 😀